I feel myself like Edvard Eriksen’s “Mermaid”


#vscocam #vsco (at Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow)

Last Fashion’s Night Out, Moscow 04/09/2014

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if she only wants you, don’t worry about who wants her —gold-kushkloudz (via gold-kushkloudz)

Hannah Snowdon for Drop Dead’s CRAZY LIFE COLLECTION

"You’re wrong about us being on different paths. We’re not on different paths. You’re my path. And you’re always gonna be my path.”




     ”There will be days where you feel all alone and that’s when hope is needed most. 

No matter how buried it gets or how lost you feel, you must  p r o m i s e   m e  that you will hold on to hope  […]  I know it feels like we’re saying goodbye but we will carry a piece of  e a c h  o t h e r  into everything we do next. To remind us of who we are.. and if we were  m e a n t   t o  b e. ”